The Primary provides a continuous, coordinated, and personalized system of supports for each child. This model is not only a set of services and programs but also a trusted, go-to place, both physical and virtual, for parents and children. We believe that by integrating the many services and touchpoints for children—primarily health, education (both early childhood and primary education), and family—in a holistic manner, our children can be primed for success in school and life.

Our approach is built on five key principles:

  • INTEGRATE services to optimize a child’s health and educational outcomes. We recognize the inter relatedness of a child’s needs and goals, and ensure the approach to support them is cohesive.
  • PERSONALIZE care and support to each child and family’s needs and choices. We seek to deeply understand the needs of each child and family, and work with families to devise a customized plan of support that has the greatest chance of success.
  • BUILD and LEVERAGE community and social capital. We will leverage the strength of the local community and build new networks of support at The Primary School to create an environment of belonging and growth that allows all children to excel as students and adults.
  • EMPOWER families and children. All families want the best for their children and bring tremendous assets to their parenting. We believe our model will be more effective and sustainable if we help activate families, and eventually children, to take charge of their education and health goals.