Our bright and stimulating nursery section( baby/ middle / top class) accepts children 3-5 years and provide them with firm foundation.


The Nursery School Program is designed to encourage a balance of child initiated and teacher facilitated activities. It offers children a variety of choices provided within a carefully prepared indoor and outdoor environment. Emphasis is on learning through play in an environment planned to encourage discovery, independence and social interaction.

Preschool at Young World Learning Centre includes a English-language immersion program, providing children the opportunity to build a foundation for bi-literacy. The activities integrate content-focused early literacy, mathematics, social studies, science, and creative arts. Learning focuses on developing the ability to treat others with respect, cooperatively learn from and play with others and problem-solve in order to appropriately resolve conflicts. The Preschool schedule is both flexible and predictable. It includes large blocks of time for children to engage in play and creative expression in large and small group settings and is both teacher and self-directed.

In order to develop self-esteem and social competence, children are encouraged to help themselves, take initiative, and become increasingly independent. The environment includes art, dramatic play, unit blocks, manipulatives, language arts, books, music, water and sand play, building of large structures, gardening, running, climbing, animal care, and a variety of large and small motor activities.

Our goal is to encourage each child’s natural curiosity and interest in learning. We feel it is important for children to actively participate in the learning process, and therefore provide many opportunities for learning by doing, for both indirect and direct acquisition of new knowledge and skills.