At Young World Learning Centre, we know that most parents have busy schedule and the traffic jam in the city coupled with the risks children under go as they move to and from home in the quest to pure education, that why the management of Young World Learning Centre saw it important to transport it’s children in Mukono and surrounding areas to and from school at additional cost which is negotiable depending on distance covered to ensure children’s safety.

At Young World Learning Centre, we know that security of children is a biggest aspect. We have established a security department that ensure life, property and information is protected against unforeseen circumstances.

This department makes sure that it control the traffic jam and help our children to cross the road safely, attend to visitor and guide them to the offices and it makes sure that there is no trespassers and wrong doers entering the premises.

This department is comprises of professional supervisor, chefs and cleaners that make sure the meals are served on time. they make it possible to provide well balanced diet meals to our children. Young World Learning Centre has a well laid out menu for both breakfast and lunches that guide the chefs on what meals should be prepared each day.

In this we have achieved good sanitation around the school and pupils have uniform meals which unites them as a family.

Today the world is driven by technology, Young World Centre made sure that it provide it pupils with the basic computer knowledge. We have preschool computers that make our children to get used to the computer machine.